Partnership with customers

Read interesting customer stories from around the world to see how
Bühler technologies and solutions make a difference.

Phung Hoang, Vietnam
Bich Tuyen and Luong Trung Hieu are united in their vision of leading
their country into a better future.

Veronesi, Italy
Curious, eager to learn, capable of changing: Gianfranco Pandolfo and Giuseppe Baldrighi are linked not only through their lifelong friendship, but also their shared urge to be successful.


Fine Chemicals, Nigeria
This is the story of Rajeev Samant, Production Manager at Fine Chemicals, and Marco Lemmenmeier of Bühler, who became friends – and how they managed to turn the company into the Nigerian market leader in the field of liquid printing inks.

Bocar, Mexico
Alfredo Davila and Ueli Jordi have been working in the automotive industry for years to increase the competitiveness of Bocar. As a Tier 1 supplier, the company must respond quickly and flexibly to ever new requirements for automobile manufacturers.


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