Group Structure

This overview shows the group structure of Bühler. By clicking on the titles you will be redirected to a more specific view of each unit.

Board of Directors

  • Calvin Grieder (Chairman)
  • Josef M. Müller (Vice Chairman)
  • Konrad Hummler
  • Ruth Metzler-Arnold
  • Jeannine Bühler*
  • Linda Yang
  • Frank N.J. Braeken
  • Clemens Blum

Urs Bühler Innovation Fund

  • Urs Bühler
  • Hal Gurley
  • Dr. Matthias Kaiserswerth
  • Edward S. Steinfield
  • Ian Roberts

Executive Board


Stefan Scheiber


Andreas R. Herzog

Grains & Food

Johannes Wick

Advanced Materials

Samuel Schär


Ian Roberts

Manufactoring & Logistics

Holger Feldhege

Asia Pacific

Dieter Voegtli

Human Resources

Dipak Mane

  • *Jeannine Bühler succeeded Maya Bühler as member of the Board on February, 2016

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