Highlights of 2016

The Bühler Networking Days; the launch of the Tubo conveyor system; a research cooperation
between Bosch and Bühler; 2016 was a year full of highlights.
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Bühler Networking Days.

In August 2016, Bühler welcomed around 750 customers, aca- demics and partners to a unique industry event focusing on nutrition, sustainability, food safety, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Bühler has accepted the challenge of feeding nine billion people by 2050, and presented more than 30 innovations in the Solution Space.

Innovative Tubo conveyor system.

Bühler launched its innovative and flexible Tubo conveyor sys- tem. It has been successfully put into operation at the Locher brewery in Switzerland. Customers and partners chose Tubo as the “Best Innovation” at the 2016 Bühler Networking Days.

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Modernization of sites in Switzerland.

Bühler launched a modernization program to increase the com- petitiveness of its Swiss sites. The program is designed to improve production and logistics in factories. Steps in innovation and education will be announced soon.

MyBühler customer portal is live.

Bühler launched a customer portal that features 24/7 access, up-to-date product information, and a simple online ordering process for its customers. It enables customers to order Bühler spare parts with just a few clicks.

More information about MyBühler an be found here.

Stefan Scheiber is the new CEO.

On July 1, 2016, Stefan Scheiber succeeded Calvin Grieder as CEO, who decided to concentrate on his duties in the Board of Directors. This represents continuity as well as accelerated change at Bühler.

Product launch Ecoline S.

Bühler presented its new Ecoline S series at the Die Casting Trade Show in Shanghai, China. The cold-chamber die casting series combines advanced technology and sophisticated auto- mation solutions. Casters will benefit from increases in produc- tivity of up to 5 % and energy savings of up to 10 %.
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New Bühler factory for the rice industry in Vietnam.

Bühler  opened a new plant for the production of rice processing machines in September 2016. With these new solutions local rice processors can now offer their products at a quality that meets export standards. Around 5,000 rice processing plants produce over 45 million tonnes of rice in Vietnam. 

Research cooperation between Bosch and Bühler.

Bosch and Bühler are working together to create IoT solutions for the food industry. The two parties signed the commercial framework for this cooperation and presented an intelligent roll for rotating machines at the Bühler Networking Days.

Bühler accelerates e-mobility with new technology.

Electric cars improve air quality and reduce CO2 emissions. Bühler is at the forefront of innovation. The company has deve- loped a continuous manufacturing process for the key compo- nent of car batteries, the electrode slurries. In 2016, Bühler received several orders for plants on an industrial scale for this process solution.

Nestlé Innovation Award.

The food giant Nestlé presented Bühler with its prestigious Nestlé Research Award for 2016. Bühler received the prize for its innovative cooperation with Nestlé and its important contribution to the success of the Nescafé business.

Joint venture for insect processing.

Bühler and Protix established a joint venture in order to com- mercialize insect rearing and processing solutions. The initial aim is to provide a sustainable protein source for aquaculture and poultry.
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