Our business

Today, Bühler is a globally active solutions provider for the industrial manufacturing
of food and advanced materials. The aim is to play a role in the success of our customers by providing
sustainable process solutions and leading technologies.

Grains & Food

By 2050, the world population is projected to rise to nine billion. How can they all be provided with safe, healthy, and sustainable food? Technologies from Bühler business Grains & Food substantially contri- bute to supplying a growing global population with food staples based on corn, rice, or wheat and it is also a leader in pasta and chocolate production. In addition, Bühler is investing into new solutions for feed.

Grains & Food is outstandingly positioned in the food industry. For example, 65% of all wheat is milled using technology that is supplied by Bühler. Bühler also makes an essential contribution to corn and rice processing. With its rice processing solutions, the company covers over 30% of all global rice production. And in the grain processing industry, volumes are stupendous: About 2,500 million tonnes of corn, rice, and wheat are harvested and processed every year. For four billion people, wheat is the most important staple food. Another three billion live primarily on rice. Sorting wheat and corn is also becoming more and more important in order to ensure highest quality and avoid contamination. Also here, Bühler provides the latest technology.

Bühler is a global player not only in the field of such basic foods. Its market share in other applications is also impressive: More than 70% of the world’s beer is brewed with malt that is manufactured on Bühler equipment. Over one third of all breakfast cereals and industrially pro- duced pasta are made on Bühler plants and equipment. Last but not least, Bühler processing lines produce 60% of all chocolate goods.

Thanks to its worldwide service capacities and application centers, in which local solutions are produced, Bühler is highly appreciated as a partner of the food industry. The company is also strongly positioned in important growth markets such as aquafeed or processing of pulses. Insects are also becoming increasingly important for the feed industry. Bühler is excellently positioned to grasp these opportunities, based on technology, skills, and its global network.

Advanced Materials

Lower carbon emissions, fiercer competition, new technologies: The global automotive industry faces numerous challenges. For Bühler, these trends mean new business oppor- tunities.

The increase in population and prosperity in emerging countries is boosting demand for cars. Aluminum engine blocks, gearboxes, oil pans, and struc- tural components, head and tail light reflectors, electrode slurries for lithium-ion batteries, paints and protective lacquers, shaded windows, chrome-plated interior parts, and cameras for driver-assistance systems: The Advanced Materials business of Bühler is a relevant equipment provider to the world’s automotive industry, offering innovative technologies with an optimized carbon footprint for ensuring safe and comfortable mobility.

The key to cutting fuel consumption – and thereby also carbon emissions – is light- weight car design. Engine blocks, structural components such as shock towers or cross-members, as well as oil pans or transmission housing components are increasingly being made of light alloys such as aluminum instead of steel or cast iron. Bühler is a leading global provider of die-casting technology for the automotive industry. 25 % of all engine blocks are manufactured on Bühler die-casting machines. Bühler is the sole provider with production capacities in all three major markets of the global car-making industry.

Another long-term mobility trend is electric vehi- cles. Hybrid or electric vehicles require a battery as an internal energy storage device. Over the next few years, we expect to see a massive expansion of global production capacities for lithium-ion batteries. This is a growth market for Bühler: On the basis of the proven extrusion process technology, the Group has developed a solution for producing electrode slurries. Slurry quality has a direct impact on the performance of the storage cells.

In 2016, Bühler received multiple orders for electrode paste production lines on an industrial scale. Market studies confirm the high market growth in battery production, creating promising business opportunities for Bühler.

Bühler has also achieved a leading position in inks for pack-aging, and has advanced into various high-tech applications such as color filters for LCD flat screens and metallic or ceramic pastes for electronic applications. The company is a world leader in coating systems for optical precision components such as high-precision filters, lenses, and beam splitters. Bühler also uses these abilities in coating systems for architectural glass and in barrier coating systems for packaging films.



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